The Photographer

AutoportraitPhotographer, mother of two, Jane of all trades.

I am a chameleon woman; that’s what I have always said!

My life course has been very diversified and had to be adapted to the various situations I had to deal with. I have explored various types of occupations, from waitressing in a pool room, to being a legal secretary, and everything in between! Anything related to arts really was what I found the most fulfilling and it has always brought me happiness. A large part of my identity relies on creativity.

My training and experience in Visual Commercial Design, as well as the six years I spent in jewellery making have honed my artistic flair and have provided me with some solid basis with regards to composition, and the use of light and colours.

I only recently began my foray into photography, having started in April 2008. It might still be new to me, but I can barely put my camera down nowadays! Photography has become a consuming passion to which I happily surrender.

I am in the habit of digging wholeheartedly into my interests for a deeper exploration, so I registered for Photography classes at College Marsan, in Montreal. I already completed the Option Pro and Option Portrait programs which I found very satisfying.

In fact, my photography training remains a work in progress, as there is always something to learn. For me, experimenting is the best complement to my training, one that makes me take a step beyond my own boundaries. This leads me to think that:   I shoot and I create, therefore, I am!

Johanne Brunet