Customer’s License Rights

All images published in these pages remain the property of Brunet Photo and their photographers.

Consequently, they are protected by copyright. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, scan, save or print any image without first obtaining permission from the photographers.

The purchase of images either printed or burned on a computer storage device will grant the customer a right to use and print (for computer files) the images for personal means only. Brunet Photo retains full ownership of those images and it is strictly forbidden and illegal to sell or assign these rights to others, as well as to publish or modify said images without first obtaining the photographer’s permission.

Any commercial or promotional use may incur additional charges.

The Photographer’s Rights to Images

The photographers reserve the right to use any photo for their promotional needs, except for those with nudity (babies not inluded). No photo showing adult nudity will be published without a written consent from the model(s).

Clients who prefer not to see some of their photos published anywhere may indicate so by sending a request to this effect using our contact form.   Please see paragraph below on Exclusive Licensing.

Pet Photography

Please note that any photo of a pet without a recognizable human presence may be used freely by Brunet Photo, as much for commercial as for promotional needs. As per the present agreement, Brunet Photo will not pay any royalty fee to the guardian(s) of animal models.

Exclusive Licensing

By default, Brunet Photo grants a non-exclusive license as described above with the purchase of any package or service. Please contact us for a quote if you would like to consider exclusive licensing rights for your images.

Please contact us for any question concerning copyright issues.